Underwear & Swimwear
The underwear category products are mainly fashionable swimwear series. From the product style, it is mainly divided into two categories: split style and one-piece swimsuit.
Split style is divided into classic bikini and bandeau. The classic style is the most pure bikini, which favored by most people for its variety of pattern, sexy and simple. Based on the classical style, different ideas can be evolved to increase the freshness of the bikini. As for the bandeau is also very fashionable. The fancy bandeau is generally horizontal, which makes the lines more obvious and beautiful. Coupled with some new fabrics and printing, bandeau will be more diversified and fashionable, and the concept of environmental protection is particularly advocated recently years.
The one-piece swimsuit is worn on the body to reveal the skin of the slender legs, which can stretch the length of the legs, and also be use to make up for the shortcomings of the body. The current one-piece swimsuit is no longer conservative, but a representative of sexy fashion, which added a lot of trend elements to the style. In addition, retro elements of annual trend are added to make products more innovative in design.
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