Sweater & Women's wear
The men's and women's products are divided into four modules: sweater products, printing products, women's products, men's suits andPU men's jacket.
The sweater products have been developed from the aspects of yarn, pattern design, weave pattern, post-process development, etc., which contained dozens of design elements and formed various of series.
The printing design of the new season included paisley patterns, painted flowers, animal elements, nautical wind, and abstract hand-drawn characters. It is a collection of traditional, popular, versatile, and innovative.
Women's products show the fashion diversification of women's clothing with the characteristics of different fabrics. The pattern of the fabric is mainly simple and elegant monochrome, and also with interspersing some elegant patterns to show the feminine side of women. Mainly retro, elegant, feminine, comfortable and fashionable style are the trend elements of this year.
Besides, we also have a girl series with the theme of SUMMER FANTASY. Combined with the stitching process, girls' rich and colorful daily life reflected by the different materials such as sweaters, chiffon, denim, hand hooks, PU, etc.
According to customers' market sales feedback, the development of men's suits and PU men's jacket products are divided into four series: classic business suit , spring and summer hemp cotton , knitted elastic slim and casual jacket series developed with the same knitted fabric.
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